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In Office & Concierge Lab Services. 

Can't make it to the lab, or have a hectic schedule.  Stay where it matters most and let the laboratory come to you. 

Same Day Appointments

Call the lab & we can  accommodate same day appts. 

Highest Accuracy

We specialize in accurate results, delivered in a timely manner.

Travel Certificate

We provide PCR covid testing which is great for traveling.



If you come to the lab you just drive up and your covid test will be done in your own car. 

About Us

We are a concierge and in-laboratory phlebotomy, and drug testing center dedicated to helping you take back control of your health. 

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Our Services

Covid-19 Test

PCR test for Covid if someone is infected at the time of sample collection. 


Legal, Home, and Prenatal Paternity Test, Immigration DNA. 

Blood Work

Physician Ordered Venipunctures, Routine, Stat, Fasting, and Time Sensitive Labs

Drug Screening

Urine, Hair, and Saliva Drug Testing 

Gender Reveal

Boy or Girl? Discover the answer at 7 weeks of pregnancy. 

DOT and NON-DOT Drug Testing Services 

SJB Diagnostic Screening is a certified collection company with highly qualified, professional and certified drug test collectors. We offer on site, in-office  and at home drug test screening. 


Get in Touch

323 Dartmouth Drive Unit 4, Marshall's Creek, PA 18335  /  Tel. 570-215-5006

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