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Covid Testing Near Me

Where To Get Covid-19 Testing In Stroudsburg, PA

Since the covid-19 pandemic began, reliable testing began has been a critical factor in slowing the spread of the virus in local communities. At SJB Diagnostic Screening, we've made it our mission to provide covid-19 testing to local Monroe County, PA residents and their Families

Who can get it and when?

We provide testing for anyone who needs it. Coronavirus testing is available 6 days a week. 

How do I pay for test with & without insurance? 

The test itself is covered by most major insurance plans. If you're uninsured we offer self-pay options. 

Our Covid-19 Testing Process

If you suspect you may have covid-19, and are looking for a covid-19 test near me that is safe and reliable with fast results stop by

  1. Use the link Here to register for your test.

  2. After you register you will be given a code, please write that down

  3. Please call or schedule your appointment on line we do have same day appointments available

  4. When you arrive please stay in your car somebody will come out & do you test right at your car. 

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