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Intra-muscular shots

What is Vitamin Therapy? 

IV Hydration & Vitamin Therapy ensures 100% absorption at the cellular level and aides in a healthy lifestyle. Along with a surge of hydration, the benefit of these forms of therapy consists in the immediate injection of vitamins and minerals in the body. These therapies rehydrate, revive, and boost immunity in the body by bypassing the digestive system which allows for absorption much more quickly and completely than fluids or supplements taken orally. 

Vitamin D

Feeling low in energy, fatigued, muscle/bone, low mood? Your Vitamin D might be low! This shot contains a high does of Vitamin D3

$ 35.00

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Fat Burner 

Lipo-B injection with an amino acid blend. It releases fat by targeting primary fatty deposits. This shot increases metabolism, break down carbohydrates, and boost energy levels

$ 40.00

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A shot of B12 will boost your immune system, metabolism, energy, and focus. This shot is also great for vegans!

$ 35.00

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Immunity booster all in one quick injection! It contains glutathione, Vitamin C, and zinc. Perfect for cold/flu season, before/after travel, or during an illness

$ 49.00

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